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Students at Warwick SHS now have the opportunity to gain industry experience and nationally recognised qualifications while they are still at school.  This enables them to develop a clear career pathway, so that when they finish school they can continue their training at a State Training Provider (STP) – formerly TAFE, other Registered Training Organisation (RTO), University, Apprenticeship or Traineeship, or find meaningful long term employment in the occupation of their choice.

Opportunities in VET include Pre-apprenticeships, School Based Apprenticeships and School Based Traineeships. VET engages students in work related learning built on strategic partnerships between schools, training organisations, business, industry and the wider community.

Warwick SHS students can select from a wide range of qualifications delivered on campus, or apply for a course run by a STP or RTO, thus giving the students a wider range of options.  Courses offered at Warwick SHS include:

  • Certificate II and III Business
  • Certificate II Community Service – Childcare Focus:
  • Certificate II Construction
  • Certificate II Metals – Engineering
  • Certificate II Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate II Visual Arts – Furniture Focus

Courses offered by STP’s or RTO’s vary from year to year and are usually linked to skills shortage industries.  The government heavily subsidies these courses and they are generally provided to senior school students at a substantially reduced cost.

Certificate Courses and Endorsed programs contribute points to the Western Australian Certificate of Education. (WACE)

Workplace Learning Course


The Workplace Learning endorsed program provides an opportunity for a student to demonstrate, and develop increasing competence in, the core skills for work, often referred to as generic, transferable or employability skills. A student learns to apply and adapt the workplace skills that are necessary to understand and carry out different types of work, and that play a key role in lifelong learning.


Developing competence in workplace skills assists an individual to gain employment, and in the longer term, to progress within the organisation or industry area in which they are employed, and to contribute successfully to the organisation’s objectives and to the wider community.


The endorsed program is based on the skills, knowledge and understandings that underpin successful participation in work. These skills are documented in the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework, developed collaboratively by the Department of Industry and the Department of Education. The Core Skills for Work encompass the Employability Skills outlined in the National Employability Skills Framework.


The Core Skills for Work can be accessed via the website: www.innovation.gov.au/csfw.


The Workplace Learning endorsed program enables a student undertaking a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification to collect evidence of the attainment of units of competency relevant to their qualification. It is not essential, however, to be enrolled in a VET qualification to undertake this program. 



Workplace Learning is an Authority-developed endorsed program that is managed by individual schools. To complete this endorsed program, a student works in one or more real workplace/s to develop a set of transferable workplace skills. The student must record the number of hours completed and the tasks undertaken in the workplace in the Authority’s Workplace Learning Logbook. The student must also provide evidence of their knowledge and understanding of the workplace skills by completing the Authority’s Workplace Learning Skills Journal after each 55 hours completed in the workplace.




VET Industry Specific Courses

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority collaborated with schools and industry to develop ten VET industry specific courses. Each course uses a training package qualification in which competency electives may be prescribed. The most current training packages have been used in their development. These packages can be found at http://training.gov.au/

The VET industry specific courses that have been accredited to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority that are being delivered at Warwick SHS in 2015 are listed below:

Business Services

Community Services Child Care focus

Sport and Recreation Sport Coaching

Visual Arts: Wood focus



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