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School Rules
“Our School rules are based on the School Code of Behaviour.
They are for the purpose of defining boundaries of student behaviour and
reflect the endorsed position of the school’s community….”

Student Compliance

Students must follow the instructions of teachers.

Designated Student Access Areas

Students are only permitted in designated areas of the school. Some areas are out of bounds to students for safety reasons.

Students are only allowed in classrooms when a staff member is present or permission is obtained.

Leaving School Grounds

Students may only leave the school grounds during the school day after presentation of satisfactory documentation to the Administration (front) office.

Students will be issued a standardised Leave Pass for Government School Students.

Students Out Of Class During Lesson Time

Students out of class during lesson time must carry their diary or an appropriate permission note signed by their teacher.

Prohibited Substances

Prohibited substances are not permitted on school grounds. This includes alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and other substances, which may be used for illicit purposes.

Classrooms and Grounds

Students must contribute to the school environment by being neat and tidy and placing all litter in the bins provided.

Food or drink (except water) is not to be taken into classrooms or onto the school oval.
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