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Anti Bullying Policy
“Warwick Senior High School respects the rights of all people, and in particular its students, to be free from all forms of bullying and harassment. The school is of a view that any form of bullying is totally unacceptable behaviour and is completely contrary to the school’s aims and objectives…”

What Is Bullying?
Bullying is a wilful, conscious behaviour that is designed to hurt, injure, embarrass or upset the other person.

It can be:
  • deliberate exclusion from activities
  • spreading rumours
  • unwanted touching, hitting, abusing and mocking
  • a put down
  • teasing
  • hiding someone’s property
  • writing nasty notes
  • sending inappropriate text messages
  • name calling
  • taking or damaging the person’s property
  • making hurtful comments
  • making racist comments
  • making people feel frightened.
  • criticising religious beliefs and practices
  • negative comments on social/family background
  • intimidation or threatening behaviour

What Can Students Do If They Are Being Bullied?
Bullying thrives on silence. Therefore, it is important to discuss it with:
  • friends
  • family
  • Chaplain
  • School Counsellor
  • Nurse
  • Year Coordinators
  • Teachers
  • Associate Principals/Student Services Manager
  • Anyone you can relate to

Ways to Stop Bullying
Bullying may be stopped by:
  • trying not to retaliate by becoming a physical or verbal bully yourself.
  • trying to ignore the bully. If you show you are not upset, the bully may stop.
  • walking away quickly and confidently from a group of bullies.
  • trying to be assertive – speaking firmly and telling the bully to stop.
  • trying to establish a supportive friendship group.
  • avoiding being alone in places where bullying may happen.
  • writing down the things the bully has said or done to you and how you feel.

If these attempts do not work or the bullying is very troublesome, consult your Year Coordinator, Teacher, Counsellor or Associate Principal, who will help you deal with the situation.
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